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MAG launched its product on the European market. Initially, MAG is Launched with 3 Monitor Models:

1. MAG Monitor Ultra Pure Colour:

This monitor is launched for long-time PC users like freelancers graphics designer institute of designer Photoshop, And mainly for government projects. Comes with 24 inch IPS display, a monitor up-down vertical option with 3 years panel warranty and last but not least aluminium body frame. This monitor is very easy to set up and has 120 NTSC colour accuracy, which is unable to provide a good colour combination with this budget, The launching price of this Monitor near 150 USD.

MAG Ultra Pure Colour
MAG Ultra Pure Colour

2. Mag Mad Gamer F7 Monitor:

This MAG Monitor Means the Key Feature is a 144hz VA Panel Display with 3 years warranty.
Which makes it an unbeatable deal compared to its competition, Another key feature of this monitor is its body it is aluminium on the back side with a black colour combination.

Mag Mad Gamer F7
Mag Mad Gamer F7

3. Alternative Cheap Another Mag Monitor Price:

Available it’s for a budget alternative to Mag Ultra-pure colour this one is launched at 145 USD. This one also comes with an IPS 24-inch display which ships 75 hours refresh rate, This monitor offers comparative pricing among its competitors in the current generation market the companies which are providing 3 years panel warranty.
in some of the South Asian country market and all those three monitors are available on their official distributor website and Channel partners and stores.

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